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ACE Mentor 2019 Field Trip

ACE Mentor 2019 Field Trip

On Tuesday, February 19, 2019, the ACE Mentor Program of Baltimore visited the Baltimore Food Hub to gain insight on their design project. For the 2019 program year, ACE Baltimore teams were given the task of developing a site plan for phase two of the Baltimore Food Hub. The trip helped the teams understand the general use of the site, as well as the processes that went into phase one.

American Communities Trust (ACT) who owns the Baltimore Food Hub, graciously hosted the field trip giving ACE students the opportunity to get an inside look at the making of the Baltimore Food Hub idea. China Boak Terrell, CEO of American Communities Trust, alongside Steve Ziger of Ziger/Snead Architects, who is the architect for the project, gave students a tour of the site. In this tour, they discussed not only the current state of the project, but how it came to be, and the plans for future development.

Following the guided tour, ACE Baltimore listened in on a panel discussion featuring not only Terrell and Ziger but also Susan Williams of STV, Inc. and Damon Roundtree of Emerge Contracting, all of whom have worked on the Baltimore Food Hub site. ACE Baltimore students were able to discuss the external implications of the project’s mission, logistics of renovating historic buildings, as well as what the team hopes for in the future of this site.

Through the wonderful business partners and supportive Baltimore community, the ACE Mentor Program of Baltimore can engage with professionals and see active job sites. Thank you to all who made this trip possible as well as the overall ACE Baltimore program year!

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