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BLOG: Joining the wave of career changers? You should consider construction.

BLOG: Joining the wave of career changers? You should consider construction.

In November 2021, the rate of workers to voluntarily leave their jobs hit a new record of 3% as 4.4 million Americans transitioned careers. Texas A&M University professor Anthony Klotz coined the term “Great Resignation,” a word that took off in the latter half of this year.


For many of us, the life-changing events of the pandemic provoked a deeper look at our priorities. How could we live a happier, more satisfying life? Joblist’s Midlife Career Crisis survey reported that better pay, less stress, work-life balance, new challenges, and a loss of passion were the top 5 factors involved in career changes. Some might be surprised to know that newcomers are not the main players in the ‘Great Resignation.’ Actually, Americans who have changed careers since the start of the COVID-19 are most likely to have over 5 years of working experience.  

The tenure of most 2020/2021 career changers shows that it’s never too late to rebrand yourself and rethink your career.  


So how can you join this empowering wave of career changers? As you consider approaching a new career, remember that you’re not starting from scratch. With a shift in perspective and some creative thinking, your skills are certainly transferable from one industry to another with or without a college degree. Check out our Build Your Path podcasts with star career changers Doreen Bartoldus and Kristina Humm to hear their stories.


Are you looking to make an impact in a growing industry that ensures job security and limitless opportunities? Consider a transition into the construction industry.  


Why transition to the construction industry:  

-Job Security: The construction industry is always growing and evolving. Employment in construction and extraction occupations is projected to grow 6 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations, and gain about 400,000 new jobs. 

-Providing a solution to a real human need: Whether you’re working on the jobsite every day or in the office, the tangible projects you’re working on are used by people every day.   

-Opportunity: If you have good ideas, a ‘can do’ attitude, and good relationships, your career in the construction industry is limitless.  

-Variety: Are you interested in writing or public speaking? Or are you more mathematically inclined? Do you prefer sitting at a computer or working with your hands? No matter your likes and skills, there are many jobs in the construction industry to match your passions.


Reach out to Emma Shirey ( at MCCEI if you would like to learn more about careers in the built environment.

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