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Governor’s 3/23 Executive Order and Real Estate

Governor’s 3/23 Executive Order and Real Estate


Governor Hogan’s just-issued Executive Order closing non-essential business at 5 PM today. Notably, all commercial and residential construction activities are, for now, considered essential and therefore are not affected.
For our industry, these business may remain open:
Commercial Facilities Sector:
  • Building and property maintenance companies, including without limitation plumbers, electricians, HVAC service companies, roofers, environmental services companies, exterminators, arborists, and landscapers.
  • Companies that sell supplies and materials for maintenance of commercial and residential buildings, including “big box” home improvement supply stores, plumbing distributors, electrical distributors, and HVAC distributors.
  • Commercial and residential construction companies.
Manufacturers of:
  • Earth-moving, mining, agricultural, and construction equipment.
  • Parts for water, electric, and telecommunications utility infrastructure.
  • Engines, motors, turbines, generators, and power transmission equipment.
Energy Sector:
  • Companies engaged in electricity production (excluding hydroelectric and nuclear, which are included in other sectors).
  • Companies engaged in the production, refining, storage, transportation, distribution, and sale of oil, gas, and propane products, including gas stations and truck stops.
  • Companies that provide utility maintenance services.

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