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Press Release: MCCEI Announces Four Scholarships

Press Release: MCCEI Announces Four Scholarships


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MCCEI Announces Four Scholarships


BALTIMORE, MD – February 2, 2022

The Maryland Center for Construction, Education, and Innovation (MCCEI) is pleased to announce our second annual MCCEI Scholarship Program. The scholarship program was developed as a tangible way to create a pipeline of students into careers in the built environment. Four $1,000 scholarships will be granted to individuals currently enrolled or planning to enroll in built environment-related coursework for the upcoming school year. The scholarships will be awarded and announced in October 2022 with awardees being highlighted at MCCEI’s Pathway Awards. MCCEI is dedicated to the advancement of the built environment workforce through job training and coursework learning, making careers in the built environment a first-choice career option. For eligibility, requirements, and award information, see below.


• Applicant must be a high school senior planning to enroll in or college student currently enrolled in a built environment-related degree program at a school, or apprentice/trainee in built environment-related training program which is approved by the Bureau of Apprenticeship Training, community college, technical school or equivalent in the state of Maryland. Applicant must have at least one term remaining in a course of study leading to a degree or an associate degree in a construction-related field.
• Applicant must desire a career in a built-environment-related field. These careers include but are not limited to architecture, engineering, construction management and any of the related skilled trades.
• To be considered, the Application and all attachments must be complete and received by March 31 for the next following academic year. If your school only mails transcripts, please mail to: MCCEI at PO Box 600, Parkton, MD 21120. Official sealed transcripts must also be received no later than May 30. THIS DEADLINE IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.


Applicant is responsible for ensuring that all items listed below are received by March 31:

A. Completed and signed Application Form.
B. Official Transcript of grades for three most recent semesters. It is preferred to have official transcripts emailed from the institution and they must be received by May 30. If your school only mails transcripts, please mail to: MCCEI at PO Box 600, Parkton, MD 21120. Not applicable to those currently enrolled in a training/apprenticeship program.
C. Financial Need (one page limit).
D. Extracurricular Activities listing (one page limit).
E. Employment History listing (one page limit).
F. Essay Questions (one page limit).


• Scholarships are not automatically renewed. Students will be considered for subsequent awards if they provide evidence of continued need, continued interest in built environment, and continued enrollment and good standing in a college program leading to a degree or associate degree in a construction-related field, or an apprenticeship/trades program related to the construction industry.
• Applications will be reviewed and winners selected by the MCCEI Scholarship Awards Committee. They will consider applicant’s interest in the built environment, grades, extracurricular activities, employment experience and financial need. All applicants will be notified of their status after the Awards Committee meeting no later June 15.
• Applicants selected may be subject to a personal interview with a representative of the MCCEI Scholarship Awards Committee.
• Proof of matriculation for the next school term, and other information as designated by MCCEI, must be received by July 15.
• Checks will be sent directly to the school no later than August preceding the school year.


If you are interested in contributing to the MCCEI Scholarship fund, you may donate here.




MCCEI’s mission is to develop, promote, and connect career opportunities in the built environment. MCCEI is an independent and trusted adviser and resource for industry, education, and government. Together, we will make careers in the built environment a first-choice option.

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