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Built Environment Industry.

The Built Environment is everything in our civilization put in place by humankind to allow for life as we know it to occur. The Built Environment covers everything from infrastructure to buildings to houses to recreation.

When Do You Use The Built Environment?

If you got up this morning, brushed your teeth, got to work or school by car, bus, subway or bike, did the daily grind, went home, shopped for groceries, prepared a meal, went for a walk, and went to bed… used the Built Environment all day long.

Who is Involved?


The Built Environment relies upon real estate developers & planners to envision the project and architects to design.


The Build Environment relies on engineers to figure out how to make projects function correctly, but also depend upon contractors and skilled trades professionals to construct the desired product.
Property managers and maintenance technicians also play important roles in maintaining the project.



In addition, there are a number of related occupations that just as important such as legal, finance, marketing, appraisal, accounting and information technology.

Why is it Important?

The Built Environment is a major part of the world economy and employs millions of people in meaningful careers that are well paid and have a tremendous opportunity for growth. Not sold on its importance yet? Ask yourself this…would you rather be living in a cave?

Now which career is right for you?

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