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As a 501-c-3 non-profit Maryland corporation, MCCEI is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees. We take great efforts to ensure a Board that is diverse from geographical and professional discipline standpoints. MCCEI is an industry-driven organization that has from its inception functioned as a partnership between industry, education and government. The Board of Trustees has representatives from all three areas and per the corporate bylaws, the majority of Trustees must be from industry. Industry representation on the Board comes from business executives, officials from associations, and labor unions.


MCCEI has two classes of Board Members – Trustees and Ex-Officio Trustees:

  • Trustees are individuals that are elected by the Board to serve for no more than two consecutive three-year terms. Once elected, the Board seat belongs to the Trustee regardless of employer until term expiration, resignation or removal.  Trustees serving in Officer roles may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms.
  • Ex-Officio Member seats have full voting rights and belong to an organization in perpetuity where the organization designates its member. Ex-Officio organizations are the Maryland State Department of Education, Towson University, Maryland Association of Community Colleges, Baltimore-DC Building Trades, and the Associated Builders and Contractors. This is to ensure that education always has a presence and no one group, philosophy, or discipline evolves to dominate the Board or influence MCCEI’s mission.
Maryland Center for Construction Education & Innovation