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Environmental Technician

Environmental Engineer Mayor’s Office of Employment in Journeyman Email Job
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Job Detail

  • Company Name Mayor's Office Of Employment
  • Contact Name Director Of Human Resource
  • Contact Title Director Of Human Resources
  • Contact Phone Number (410) 396 3100
  • Contact Email
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  • Candidate Qualifications Certificate

Job Description

To perform various duties relative to the Environmental needs of the plant with regards to collection and disposal of hazardous waste material as well as collecting, tracking and sampling data for Air, Water,
and Waste. To perform the function in accordance with the following duties: Must be able to operate Overhead Cranes, Forklifts, and Mobile Carts. Drive equipment to work site and secures in place. Checks for obstruction, both inside and outside such as underground electrical cables, water pipes, overhead wires, adjacent equipment, and walls. OSHA 30 hour general industry training certification & HAZWOPER spill response certification RCRA Hazardous Waste Operator Cert & DOT Hazardous Materials Shipping Cert

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