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High Voltage Electrician

Electrician Maryland Economic Development Corporation in Journeyman Email Job
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Job Detail

  • Company Name Walter Reed Medical Center
  • Contact Name Mark Baugh
  • Contact Title Utilities Branch Manager
  • Contact Phone Number 301 295 6425
  • Contact Email
  • Show these details on job board? Yes
  • Candidate Qualifications Journeyman

Job Description

Incumbent must have a thorough knowledge of high voltage electrical principles, elements and systems operations. Ability to determine types and sizes of wire, conduit, transformers, etc. Knowledge of the complete primary distribution system, e.g., routing parallel feeders, interconnections, capacity of lines and equipment. Knowledge of electrical theory such as power factor, transformers, series, and parallel circuits, line loading, line losses and dielectric or conductive properties of materials. Ability to interpret wiring diagrams and perform troubleshooting techniques. Skill in the use of a wide variety of test equipment and tools associated with the trade, e.g., amp meters, voltmeters, meggers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. Knowledge of safety procedures of high voltage work in accordance with OSHA regulations, including what equipment to use when working on live circuits.

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