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Plumbing Inspector

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Job Detail

  • Company Name The City Of Frederick
  • Contact Name Karen Davis
  • Contact Title HR Coordinator
  • Contact Phone Number 3016001810
  • Contact Email
  • Show these details on job board? No
  • Candidate Qualifications Master’s License

Job Description

The Plumbing Inspector position is responsible for enforcement and compliance of City, County, State and Federal Plumbing and Gas Codes/ Regulations. This position may be called upon for enforcement and compliance, in whole or in part of other various codes/ regulations adopted by the City. This position will maintain inspection records, coordinate and perform plumbing and gas inspections of all residential and commercial buildings, both new and existing. This position will meet with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and the General Public in person, by phone and through written correspondence, providing code/ regulation interpretations. This position investigates and resolves various complaints received. This position will receive supervision from the Sr. Plumbing Inspector.

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