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Project Manager

Construction Manager Shapiro & Duncan, Inc. in Mid level Email Job
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Job Detail

  • Company Name Shapiro & Duncan, Inc.
  • Contact Name Megan Churchey
  • Contact Title Staff Coordinator
  • Contact Phone Number 3013156260
  • Contact Email
  • Show these details on job board? No
  • Candidate Qualifications Bachelor’s Degree

Job Description

Purpose: Supervises Project Engineers & Assistant PM’s. Manages and develops team to improve individual and team performance.  Ensures compliance with code, safety, MBE/First Source participation, contract specifications, and developing process controls.  Maintains profitability through accurate budgeting, change order management, best-value equipment purchases, and monitoring production efficiency.  Defends profit and ensures project results exceed client expectations.  Client liaison.


Reports to:  Project Executive


Potential Next Assignments: Senior Project Manager

List the Key Result Areas (KRAs) for this role:


KRA 1:  Safety – Zero Lost Time Accidents.

Ensure all PMT members and Foremen are in compliance with the company-wide and site-specific safety programs; subcontractors are properly trained; accidents are reported timely with modified duty assigned next-day.

KRA 2:  Contract Milestones.

Ensure that submittal registers, subcontractor letters of intent, equipment delivery tracking sheets, Schedule of Values (SOV), Planning Meetings, pipe, valve and insulation schedules, close-out documents and Close-Out Meetings are completed in time to complete project on schedule.

KRA 3:  Zero Fade from Revised Budget.

Ensure Construction Budget is posted to Timberline within 30 days of Estimating Turnover and based upon Estimating Turnover Checklist.  Ensure Change Order Zero is complete before 10% of labor estimate is used.

KRA 4:  Positive Cash Flow

Positive Cash flow is achieved by creating a Schedule of Values that will front load profit at the beginning phases of the project.  Positive cash flow means that we have been paid more than we have paid out even though it can take up to 60 days to get paid.

 KRA 5:  Change Management

Ensure PCOs are issued per contract notice requirements, are in alignment change order cost of work, overhead & profit terms and conditions, and that PCOs are approved timely to generate positive cash flow.

KRA 6:  Subcontract and Major PO’s.

PM shall ensure that timely and accurate Letters of Intent for subcontractors, subcontracts and major POs are issued by the PMT to minimize S&D’s financial risk and ensure on-time delivery.  Proper approval from the Project Executive shall be received prior to pursuing major contractors (Sheet Metal, etc.)

KRA 7:  Work in Process (WIP) and Budget Variances.

PM will diligently review their PMT’s performance by review and analysis of the Job Status Report, WIP Reports, and other reports required to manage total project cost and overall profitability. PM will use Sage Timberline Office, Forecasting Tool, and Field Man to track job cost and productivity. Budget Variances will be managed using the Change Order Zero process and internal Change Order process. The PM must focus on Project Productivity Index “budget hours / actual hours” to ensure PMT and Foremen understand the earned value (EV) management process and how to interpret labor reports.

 KRA 8:  Manage a Team of Direct Reports that meets the Project Budget Goals.

PM will manage a team of direct reports sufficient to effectively perform on this team’s revenue. The team will include PMs, Project Engineers, Assistant PMs and Project Coordinators.


Other Role Requirements

  • Reinforce Corporate Culture
  • Business Development and Marketing efforts
  • Internal Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Technology
  • Education & Experience – Bachelor’s Degree + 2 – 5 years related experience (or equivalent). In lieu of degree, 10+ years of relevant experience.
  • Physical/Environment – Able to travel to and inspect job sites (valid driver’s license); willing to use laptop and blackberry to respond as needed; able to be exposed to dust, noise, heights, inclement weather; can sit or stand for long period; able to walk, stand, bend, crawl. Must possess strong time management skills.
  • Technical – Read and interpret drawings/CADD/blue prints, specifications, contract language, analyze reports (including financial data and job costs).
  • Communication – Communicate effectively with others in English; coaches staff as needed. Responsible for attending meetings, providing direction, mentoring, and distributing information timely and accurately.

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