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Sales/Storm Specialist

Business Zenith Inc. in Entry level Email Job
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Job Detail

  • Company Name Zenith Inc.
  • Contact Name Tori Garzarelli
  • Contact Title Marketer
  • Contact Phone Number 7245999263
  • Contact Email
  • Show these details on job board? Yes
  • Candidate Qualifications None

Job Description

80% of full time sales reps make 90K+ their first year, that could be you! Zenith Inc. is growing fast & we need your help though to continue to grow! We are looking for a dedicated, hardworking, and dynamic candidates to talk to clients about their homes & how we can help! 


The Storm Specialist is responsible for educating Zenith Inc. services to homeowners. You will travel to areas that have been damaged by storms or/and natural disasters. There has been a SIGNIFICANT increase in natural disasters around the country. Natural disasters came to a total cost of $225 BILLION last year. If we bring you in, we will train you for success. We do not want to waste our time. 

We are only looking for candidates with 2+ years of sales experience. 

Individuals that show a high level of self motivation, and ability to adapt quickly will be considered to be put into our training. 


🧳Company trips–

We are scheduled to have at least four trips this year. Sales reps who meet our standard will participate in our company trips 


Sales reps with high performance will be given the ability to travel around the country to work. 


Bonuses are often given when the goals of the organization are met.

🗓Ability to have flexible schedule–

If you are meeting our minimum standard, you will have the ability to set your own hours. Most reps that have been trained for three months have the ability to work less than 30 hours a week, and make north of 90k

↗️Growth within the company–

You will be given the opportunity for management positions with a proven track record.


Required skills

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