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Skilled Concrete Laborer

Cement & Concrete Finisher Mayor’s Office of Employment in Entry level Email Job
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Job Detail

  • Company Name Mayor's Office Of Employment
  • Contact Name Deral Falls
  • Contact Title HR
  • Contact Phone Number 4103963100
  • Contact Email
  • Show these details on job board? Yes
  • Candidate Qualifications None

Job Description

The construction skilled laborer performs tasks involving physical labor at construction projects. The individual may operate a variety of hand and power tools, may clean and prepare sites, dig trenches. Set braces to support the sides of excavations, erect scaffolding, clean up rubble and debris, remove waste materials as well as assist other craft workers. Loads and unloads trucks and hauls and hoists materials, picks up all tools and equipment and secures job site each day to eliminate potential hazards. Good communication is required, ability to understand and follow instructions and read and understand safety hazards at work, push, pull lifts and carries objects. Ability to work in a team environment, able to lift heavy objects, walks and stands for long periods of time and performs strenuous physical labor under a variety of weather conditions. MWE Job Order # 1024912
Salary: 15.00/hr. – $18.00/hr.

Maryland Center for Construction Education & Innovation