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Utility Systems Repairer Operator

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Job Detail

  • Company Name Walter Reed Medical Center
  • Contact Name Mark Baugh
  • Contact Title Utilities Branch Manager
  • Contact Phone Number 301 295 6425
  • Contact Email
  • Show these details on job board? Yes
  • Candidate Qualifications None

Job Description

Incumbent performs a mix of work involving Boiler Plant Operations and Boiler Plant Equipment Maintenance. When operating a plant, the incumbent operates dual fuel power boilers and auxiliary equipment. Also performs operational maintenance of boilers, chillers and auxiliaries to include regular cleaning and lubrication. Cleans boilers, chillers, auxiliaries, and cooling towers. Operates various types of air conditioning and cooling systems. Starts, stops and adjusts equipment, regulates refrigerant, water temperatures and pressures by manipulating appropriate switches, valves and levers, steam or high temperature water boiler plant which requires continuous attention. The incumbent also performs operational maintenance and repair on the boiler plant equipment. When not operating a boiler plant, the incumbent installs, maintains, repairs and modifies boiler plant equipment.

Maryland 3rd Class Stationary Engineer’s License must be obtained within one year of hire date and remain active.

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