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The Critical Path

MCCEI interviewed industry leaders throughout Maryland to gain insight on how the business of construction is changing. The Critical Path is a summary of their perceptions and the resulting 6 policy recommendations. It covers emerging technologies, building processes, business planning, and efficiencies the industry is adopting in order to remain competitive and deliver value to customers.

Digging Deeper

As a follow up to The Critical Path, MCCEI began a series of workshops called Industry Advisory Panels (IAPs) in mid-2013. The purpose of the IAPs was to begin working on the issue of aligning education programs with future industry needs. MCCEI uses Digging Deeper as a common platform to continue to work with our partners in education and industry to drive improvements to Maryland’s already excellent education system.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a call to action for Maryland’s industry, education, and government to expand existing, college-bound, educational assets, create new assets, and simplify pathways to careers. Prior to Building Bridges, numerous reports revealed that the default labor pools of Maryland’s built environment companies were out-of-state schools, given perceptions that Maryland lacks adequate built environment degree-granting programs.

Build Your Path

Build Your Path, the MCCEI built environment career resource guide sponsored by The Baltimore Building Congress & Exchange Foundation, hit the streets in March of 2016. It is a guidebook that promotes different careers in trades, design, management and related professions. Build Your Path was put together on suggestions from several high school counselors and outlines pathways for those with college and career ambitions.

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