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  • In The News is intended to be a built environment community forum where news articles are posted and discussed through the comment section. We encourage lively discussion on diverse topics from design, engineering, construction, workforce development, real estate, and property management. Users can submit articles/discussion topics on projects from anywhere in the world to admins, but they have to pertain to the built environment.
  • This is a forum to share information and ideas about what is happening in the industry. This is not a forum for political activism or sales pitches. Please do not submit anything about your passion to ‘stop the Maple Street gas station project’, your open house this Sunday from 11-3, or a new listing for a value add commercial building in the office park.
  • Any article, post, comment, or content item that is racist, sexist, misogynistic, promotes violence, threatens another or a group, and/or pornographic, will be removed and the submitter will be banned from further use. No exceptions.
  • MCCEI Admins have sole discretion on what goes up on the forum. Not everything will get posted and MCCEI Admins reserve the right to block or remove inappropriate content, off-topic content, or anything that detracts from the intent.
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