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MCCEI Webinar Series

Positioned to break down the silos within the build environment MCCEI prides itself on its industry outreach. Being able to hear what concerns are keeping industry leaders up at night, and work with them towards solutions is what this programming is all about. Through MCCEI webinars we are able to bring together industry experts to support your work.

Pride in Construction

June 27, 2023 1:00pm EST

About the Event

Join MCCEI in a cutting-edge discussion on the importance of supporting our LGBTQ+ coworkers. June is nationally recognized as Pride Month and as such MCCEI wants to celebrate with you by inviting LGBTQ+ advocates at Rosendin Electric, Donovan Waterworks, and Mayson Dixon to share their insights.


Innovation (the ‘I’ in MCCEI) means more to us than technological advancements, so MCCEI seeks to educate the workforce on innovative ways to support the workforce. This endeavor includes having discussions that might feel difficult or uncomfortable. Please note that this is a safe space where questions can be asked anonymously, and harassment or hate will not be tolerated.

About the speakers

MCCEI has compiled a diverse set of thought leaders for this upcoming webinar. Bringing you perspectives from HR professionals who are working to make their organizations inclusive, to individuals who didn’t feel welcome and decided to work for themselves, as well as those who have found a safe space within their companies.

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