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MCCEI Webinar Series

Positioned to break down the silos within the build environment MCCEI prides itself on its industry outreach. Being able to hear what concerns are keeping industry leaders up at night, and work with them towards solutions is what this programming is all about. Through MCCEI webinars we are able to bring together industry experts to support your work.

School to Apprenticeship: Busting Myths about Hiring High School Students for Construction Careers!

February 6, 2024



About the Event

Are you struggling to looking to increase your apprenticeship numbers? School to apprenticeships are the answer! Hear from Maryland Apprenticeship Cofounder Jennifer Dewees about how you can start high schoolers in your apprenticeship program now. Think you can’t hire anyone under 18? We’ll show you how!

Following our presentation, hear from real Maryland businesses that are building their workforce with high schoolers!


The Panel

Grant Schmelzer | CEO | IEC Chesapeake
Lauren Martin | VP | Seaside Plumbing
Thomas Chaney | Trainer, Manager| Seaside Plumbing

The Presentation

Jennifer Sproul | President | MCCEI
Cozette Conrad | Director of Education | MCCEI

Maryland Center for Construction Education & Innovation